About Liberty Drums

About Liberty Drums

We at Liberty Drums build our own ply shells into hand crafted variations of the finest drum sets and snare drums in the world. Our methods of making these fine instruments include a combination of both traditional and modern techniques.

Veneered from the log – pressed into ANY combination – formed in the mold – shell created – hours and hours of love and labor into a beautiful musical instrument.

The Liberty Drums range of kits and snares have already received outstanding recognition across the entire range, for the build quality and sound production. We are extremely proud of our products and take great pleasure in crafting the finest acoustic drums for our clients.

Our drums

Each shell is manufactured with a different approach depending on the depth and diameter of the required drum. We have developed purpose built moulds and tooling enabling us to manufacture your perfectly formed shells with the desired thickness and ultimate durability. There are limitless selections of timbers and veneers available to us which we work with to put something very special together. Throughout our website we have testimonials and video demonstrations of our products so please check them out to get a feel on how they look and sound.

Why Liberty Drums?

You don’t have to look too hard to discover that the modern drum market is flooded with manufacturers. So what sets Liberty Drums apart from these other companies? Simply this: WE BUILD OUR OWN SHELLS here in the UK, ply by ply. We are the real deal and the whole nine yards with the quality and craftsmanship of our drums being acknowledged amongst the elite. In essence, ‘we make drums like a tailor makes suits’.

Phrases like ‘Quality and Value added services’ are easy to write in adverts but at Liberty Drums we believe it’s important to “walk the talk” when you make claims like this. Our mission is to be as good as our word and make it as hard as possible for you to find a reason not to use a Liberty product.

Please feel free to contact us whether you choose to buy from us or not. We are happy to provide good advice and guidance for new starters and for the more experienced drummer.