Meet the Team

Andrew Street, Liberty Drums

Andrew Street, CEO

Andrew Street… Founder, mastercraftsman and owner of Liberty Drums began his journey of understanding how drums do what they do way back in the 80’s at the tender age of 14. Andrew’s humble route to becoming a master craftsman began with an insatiable desire to uncover the secrets of how to get the best out of a drum, and a fascination with making the drums sing, in any musical situation. Over time, the natural drive took over to understand how good shells are made , leading to his decision to study the art of drum building.

Andrew started learning the craft in his garage back home and eventually registered Liberty Drums as a brand with companies house in 2006.

Andrew’s Mastery of the process of building each shell ply by ply, using both modern and traditional cold moulding techniques in various finishes and wood types, have proved to be instrumental in creating world class, sturdy shells, both strong enough to withstand and articulately project the most powerful of blows from even the hardest hitters, yet senstive enough to compliment the delicate touches of the most accomplished, elegant player. His passion for making perfectly balanced, beautifully crafted drums has taken the world by storm, quickly placing Liberty Drums firmly amongst the elite.

Kevin Lodge, Production & Logistics

Kevin was brought on back in December 2012 to assist Andrew with Logistics & preparation for Liberty Drums 1st NAMM13 show. Kevin’s background is in live sound & studio production which has proven very complimentary to Andrew’s ply shell construction process on a sound engineers perspective when testing out the acoustic characteristics of each shell variation.

As production orders increased Kevin became more involved in all aspects of drum building. Since December 2012 Kevin has been under intense training by Master Craftsman Andrew Street and now carries out all production roles from shell construction, spraying, finishing, final assembly & logistics.

The Silver Fox

What can we say. ‘Chris’ The Silver fox has been around a while who planted the seeds of the trees that we now build drums with. Some say he used to be a body double for Tarzan.

Artist Relations – UK & Europe

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Artist Relations – USA

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Trainee apprentices

We are currently developing and running a trainee program as the company grows. This position covers the assistance in all aspects of the Liberty build. The roll is part time and soon to be a fully fledged program with the intention to train and fully employ at the end of it.