Chris Wee


Growing up on the North Coast of Ireland, Chris had started playing drums in live bands by 1998. After a number of musical projects, And So I Watch You From Afar began formulating their sound in the summer of 2005 and after Chris graduated from university in 2006, he and the band relocated to Belfast to pursue the project full time.

After building a strong domestic following they began extensive touring of the UK and Ireland. From there they expanded outwards and to date have maintained a constant cycle of touring and festivals from North America, Europe and SE Asia, through to travels in Russia and Morocco as well.

They are signed to US-based Indie label Sargent House and are set to release their 4th studio album in the spring of 2015.

Much of his playing influence can be traced back to early musical loves, the power and finesse of Dave Grohl and Jimmy Chamberlin being key inspirations.