Kwesi Yvorra


Having toured and travelled extensively throughout various parts of the Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S.A with his family band (The Yvorras) at just 14 years old, Kwesi returned to England at 21, working his way through the London circuit, playing for a range of artists, most notably as the other half the dynamic hip hop duo BACKYARD BULLY, and the eclectic middle eastern outfit, RAAST.

Most recently, Kwesi has has found himself in the hotseat for WARNER BROTHERS (Warner Chappell Music), working for world renowned producer Aaron Harry as the house session drummer & composer with his production team, BASSTONE MUSIC, creating various styles of music for film, tv and radio worldwide. Kwesi has also landed a publishing deal with Warner for his new fusion outfit, Trio Mav’rXz, with whom he is working on new material with for their new album.