Marley Drummond


Aged only three, Marley displayed a rhythmic ability beyond his years, so his parents decided to get him a drum kit and some drum lessons. From then up to the present day, Marley has been taking lessons from Colin Woolway, who has since become a life-long friend.

With him, Marley has studied a range of musical styles, including: Jazz, Rock, Latin, Blues, Funk

At the age of 15, Marley joined his first band, playing the music he was exposed to by his father very early on in life, Reggae music.

Since then, Marley has extended his musical ability and knowledge in all areas, including three years at the British Academy Of New Music (BANM), studying with two very skilled drummers, Dan Buskell and Steve Green. These two musicians have had a massive impact on the player Marley is today.

Currently Marley is consolidating a very good reputation as one of London’s young in-demand session players, while also teaching at BANM and at ICMP (Institute Of Contemporary Music), helping to foster the next generation of young drummers and new artists and session players. He has worked with a whole host of well-established and up-and-coming artists, such as:


-Shonnanis -Frisco Kid
-Dread Centre -Lady Saw
– Ten Tonne Ska – Wayne Wonder
-The Truth – Fiona Ross
-Juggy D – Albert Gold
-Foji Gil – Levi Roots
-Gabriel Kennedy – Tasonia
-Ras Charmer – Vin Gordon
-Dan I – Natty
-Color T -Gappy Ranks
-Joy Mack – Randy Valentine
-Strike -Horace Andy
– Etana


Gappy Ranks
Vin Gordon
Earthling – Ananada’s Theme