Vineeth David


Vineeth David is a heavy metal drummer, best known as the member of the Progessive Metal band Dwhetstone based in Chennai, India. He is also well known in the Christian Gospel Music Industry.

Vineeth uses Liberty Drums ” Rock Series” kit, Inlay Swirl Classic Finish, with the following configuration:-

8″×7″     – Rack tom
10″×8″   – Rack tom
12″×9″   – Rack tom
14″×13″ – Floor tom
16″×14″ – Floor tom
22″×18″ – Bass drum (×2)
13″×7″   – Inlay Swirl Series Snare Drum

Artists Currently Playing & Performed With:-

Graham Kendricks, Reenu Kumar, Alwin Thomas, Isaac Joe, Premji Ebenezer.



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