Jazz / Bop Series

Jazz / Bop Series

From the UKs Largest Boutique Drum Company


The Jazz Series drums feature 100% Finnish Birch cross-laminated veneers created in such a way to project & perform. Such a classy and stunning split ply combination with box inlay will not only turn heads, but acoustically be an instrument that really speaks in musical terms. All 100% birch with top section black stain over birch and bottom half natural. All carefully finished with a clear satin hard


Shell construction -100% Premium Finnish Birch
Rack toms, floor toms – 12 ply tom (6mm), 15 ply bass drum (8mm)
Bearing edges – 45 degree with slight outer
Finish -A great range of finishes are available to be seen on www.libertykitbuilder.com/kit-builder
Lugs -Liberty Chrome Beetle lugs
Drum Hoops -2.3mm Chrome Triple flange hoops on all drums
Badge -Liberty Iconic bronze badge badge


– Whisky & natural with box inlay
– Liquid oyster pearl
– Walnut stain over birch

Want to customise your own finish? The Liberty kit builder has a more comprehensive list of available finishes


The featured Bop/Jazz series is available in the following product codes
LD-BIR-311-BJ1811 (12×8, 14×14, 18×14)
LD-BIR-411SN-BJ1811 (12×8, 14×14, 18×14, 14×5.5sn)
LD-BIR-311-BJ2011 (12×8, 14×14, 20×14
LD-BIR-411SN-BJ2011 (12×8, 14×14, 20×14, 14×5.5sn)