Liberty DeVitto

Born and raised in New York City, USA… Liberty’s drumming journey began at the tender age of 14, when he was first inspired to play after watching the now world famous Ed Sullivan performance by the Beatles back  in 1964… He never looked back since then, eventually working his way up the ranks to that […]

Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott is highly respected worldwide as a player, clinician and educator. His playing and recording credits include internationally renowned artists, Frank Gambale, Guthrie Govan, Stu Hamm, Shaun Baxter, Richard Niles and John Wheatcroft. As a drum clinician, Paul has performed extensively as an independent artist and has also shared the stage alongside various legendary […]

Alessia Mattalia

  Press bio: by Tom Tom magazine Credits: Groups: The Spins,B-Nario, Funky Lips, ArX, Session work for: Jeff Beck, Eros Ramazzotti Touring member for: Eros Ramazzotti, Massimo Ranieri, Dario Baldan Bembo Website:  

Siemy Di

Born in the Republic of Congo, Siemy Di is a drummer, percussionist and composer. From age of ten he trained in classical traditions of both Europe and Africa. He also played in a brass band before discovering jazz as a teenager. He relocated in the UK and soon became an in-demand session drummer and percussionist. […]