Liberty Drums

  • Best snare drum maker
  • custom drum kit builder

Drum Kits

The Liberty Drums hand crafted kits are amongst the finest available. All hand made from raw timber in the UK to the highest standard. Each kit is special & unique which is consistent throughout all our ranges.

Snare Drums

A light whispery stick stroke to a thunderous crack, good resonance and response. Vintage classic tones, choices of timbers & veneers with attractive inviting finishes are all aspects you will find in a Liberty snare drum.


Andrew Street, the CEO of Liberty Drums, takes Mike Dolbear through the history, ethos and future plans of this successful British Custom Drum Company.


Our family of endorsers cover various styles and disciplines from around the world.

Kit Builder

The deep dish of kit builders, giving you the drummer more control on how your drums are made and sound.


Where to buy your LIBERTY, worldwide.

Liberty Drums

Est 2006, Liberty Drums factory produce drums of extraordinary acoustic quality and styled with distinction.

Made in Shildon, England

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