At NAMM Show 2014 we launched the new Liberty Drums Fusion Series kit. A stunning Black sparkle lacquer finish with shells that NAMM show users said sounded beautiful. Specs: 100% Finnish Birch cross-laminated shells. Black sparkle lacquer finish. Featured NAMM kit: 10×7 tom, 12×8 tom, 14×14 ft, 16×14 ft, 20×14 kick.

Liberty Drums – Avant Series drum kit

Liberty Drums Product Release Avant Series Small drums, BIG sound Inspired by the Avant-Garde Jazz era which began way back in the 1950s with Artists such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane. Such music inspired innovative improvisation, which Liberty Drums have put a taste of these styles into what we call the Avant Series. FEATURES The […]

A whopper order

A whopper order but here they are. An eleven piece drum set colour lacquered by Liberty Drums for a special client in France. It has one of the biggest bass drums i’ve ever worked with, A WHOPPING 32″! Man, I could live in that.