Transluscent Snares & Fades

Transluscent Snares & Fades

From the UKs Largest Boutique Drum Company

The Liberty Drums translucent series snare drums simply show off each unique character of the grain that pops through the applied colour giving it that translucent effect. We make our own shells ply by ply in a cross-laminated formation which produce super strong and resonant shells that sonically speaking deliver solid, punchy, focused, tight cutting, pre EQ’d rich, raw, powerful, full bodied sound.

Add precision cut 45 degree bearing edges, Liberty’s own beetle style die cast lugs & Iconic Badge, smooth chrome throw and a High Gloss Lacquer over translucent. All this amounts to a true Liberty Drum Made in the UK.


Shell construction -100% Premium Finnish Birch, 15 ply (8mm) 13-15″ snares, 12ply 10-12″ snares
Bearing edges – 45 Degree
Lugs -Liberty Chrome Beetle lugs (10)
Throw – Dunnett R7 throw (13″ – 15″ snares), Beer tap throw (10″ – 12″ snares)
Drum Hoops -2.3mm Chrome Triple flange hoops on all drums
Badge -Liberty Iconic silver badge badge


– Blue earth fade
– Cherry red fade
– Aqua blue
– Fiery amber
– Candy apple red

Want to customise your own finish? The Liberty kit builder has a more comprehensive list of available finishes