Exotic Series

Exotic Series

From the UKs Largest Boutique Drum Company

This Trio combination of Olivewood, Birch & Cherry hits the spot when it comes to getting that deep rich tone. The shell structure is strengthened and tone clarity increased with the use of birch in the inner layers. The Olivewood completes the set with stunning grain features. Each of the real wood veneers are layered in the moulds to make up the required ply count and thickness to get the best out of the characteristics of this great combination.


Each shell comprises of 0.5mm thin Olivewood/Birch/Cherry wood veneers, cut & hand pressed to our own specification in our UK factory. Each ply consists of raw bundles of wood veneer, cut and pressed into two & three ply sections. These are then layered in the moulds to make up the required ply count and thickness. Finished with a stunning olive outer veneer and gloss lacquer finish makes for a truly special drum kit sounding deep rich and creamy tones.

Shell construction -Olivewood/Birch/Cherry,
Rack toms, floor toms – 1 ply olive, 6 ply toms (5mm), 12 ply bass drum & snare (8mm)
Snare drum – 1ply olive, 9 ply birch, 2ply cherry
Bearing edges – 45 degree with slight outer
Finish -Clear gloss lacquer
Lugs -Liberty Chrome Beetle lugs
Drum Hoops -2.3mm Chrome Triple flange hoops on all drums
Badge -Liberty Iconic bronze badge badge


– Olive wood

Want to customise your own exotic finish? The Liberty kit builder has a more comprehensive list of available finishes


Available in a 3 ,4 or 5-piece shell pack.

LD-OBC-311-EX (13×9, 16×16, 22×14)

LD-OBC-411SN-EX (13×9, 16×16, 22×14, 14×5.5)

LD-OBC-411SN-E (13×9, 16×16, 18×16 22×14, 14×5.5)